An Open Letter to Asa Hutchinson

An Open Letter to Asa Hutchinson

Just to be transparent here, I voted for you Asa. I have generally liked the way you govern and have appreciated you in many ways. I am very glad you supported many bills that made Arkansas the most pro-life state in the nation, although I was disappointed that you were hesitant on the most recent pro-life bill. This is why I was so incredibly surprised that you vetoed HB 1570.

HB 1570 make "gender reassignment" surgeries illegal on minors. That is a nice way of saying that the bill would prevent the experimentation and mutilation of children with gender dysphoria (or children of parents who strongly try to persuade their children into gender confusion for the 'woke points.') These procedures could include hormone treatment, puberty blockers, or the physical altering and mutilation of children with surgery.

This bill is common sense and should absolutely be (and is going to be) placed into law, but you vetoed it. You knew your veto would be overturned. You know that representation in Arkansas is overwhelmingly for this bill, but you vetoed it. Why?

You gave a press conference to try to explain your even appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to explain, but the explanations fell flat. Let me take a moment to dissect your points and look at them from a conservative perspective.

1. You stated that transgenderism is one of the most complex and sensitive matters involved in a young person's life. Your statement is spot on, but your conclusion is disastrous. Since the matter is so sensitive and complex we should be conservative in what is allowed. Airplanes are sensitive and complex, so we are very conservative on how they can operate, who can fly them, and where and how they can be flown. Yet when it comes to permanently mutilating and disfiguring a child's body because of the confusion they are feeling, which is heavily due to cultural pressure and social confusion, you don't want the government to interfere. That is not conservative, that is incredibly liberal. Nothing is being conserved...especially the well being of the child.

2. You mentioned that the government should not be involved in decisions that have the guiding hand of parents and healthcare professionals. You were so close to correct on this statement. You are correct that parents and healthcare 'professionals' are guiding these children, but they are being led to an incredibly dangerous place that the child cannot understand no matter how much you explain it to the...mainly because we can not and do not know where this path leads. We have never been down it. Asa, you obviously do not trust every 'healthcare professional' since you are against abortion and you are supportive of the government banning abortion. You obviously do not trust parents to guide their children in illegal drug use, underage drinking, child molestation, guidance from a parent is not a catch-all excuse to step back. In fact, it is often times a reason to step in. A parent abusing their own child is one of the most egregious evils possible...yet you vetoed a bill that would stop that, at least when it comes to the physical, emotional, and physiological distress that these 'medical practices' will and do cause.

3. You claimed that the state should not jump into the middle of every medical, human, and ethical issue. You are correct, but no one is calling you to step into every medical/ethical issue, but when they are so basically evil and dangerous, you are expected to step in. Arkansas has so many laws on the books that deal with medical and ethical issues, but you wanted to forget all of that once the liberal and corporate pressure was on (I'm sure the MLB moving the all-star game from Georgia was heavy on your mind when you made this decision.)

4. You called this a vast government overreach. Really? I am very supportive of limited government, but allowing these surgeries is a legalized form of child abuse. I am astonished that you think it should be legal or as Tucker called you 'pro-choice' on the chemical castration of children.

5. You were very concerned that there was no 'grandfather clause' for those who are currently undergoing these 'treatments.' There should be no grandfather clause. If child abuse is in progress, we should not allow it to continue into finality. Instead, we should step in immediately and put an end to it.

Thankfully the State Legislature overwhelmingly overturned your veto. In the Senate your veto was overturned 25-8, the only dissenting votes being democrat and one independent. In the house your veto was overturned 71-24 with only 3 Republicans siding with you (Johnson, Hawks, and Christiansen.)

You had a great opportunity to be a hero of conservatism by standing on conservative principles and boldly moving forward despite the liberal woke mobs threats, but you caved and I'm sorry for you that you did. You can and should come back and apologize to the American people and specifically to Arkansans about your veto. We are a kind and forgiving people, but not when it comes to harming our children. Do the right thing, we are waiting.


Mike - February 27th, 2022 at 9:08am


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Neil Barbour - May 31st, 2022 at 1:56am

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