Let the Great Awakening Begin!

Let the Great Awakening Begin!
After Justice Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as our newest Supreme Court Justice I wrote the following on my FaceBook page.

For the first time in almost 100 years our Supreme Court has a majority of judges who will honor our constitution as written.  
To watch Clarence Thomas lead her in the oath of office moved me to tears.  
The courts of the last 90 years have legislated from the bench by taking prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Bible out of our schools.  From that season until now our achievement test scores have plummeted.  
Those liberal courts have cost us the lives of over 60 million babies.  
Brace yourselves.  The horrors of the last 4 generations are about to be realized.  The result will be mourning, anger, riot, and shock.  But what comes after that could be the repentance that could birth into America a generation of Great Awakening.  
Needed next are bold churches with brave and bold pulpits.  We must call America back to Jesus Christ.  Only He can heal this wound.
Thank You Lord that I could witness this moment!  Thank you for this answer to tens of millions of prayers.  Jeremiah 33:3

Attention!!! Calling all Bible Believing Christians to order.  You now have a platform from which to launch the Third Great Awakening in America.  

The first great awakening gave birth to America.  It established the Bible as our authority and therefore demanded individual freedoms and accountability.
The second great awakening gave birth to the end of slavery. Because pulpits were filled with fireball preachers who demanded America come back to the Bible.  Such preaching also pricked the conscience of the nation concerning slavery.  
The first awakening gave us our nation.  The second awakening forced us to see all people as “in the image of God“ and therefore worthy of freedom and citizenship.

What would a third awakening establish?  That people are more important than things.  That nature is not to be worshiped (i.e. using climate change to force a One World Order).  From the reestablishment of the value of human life we would end talk of euthanizing our older generations and cease the war against babies under development in their mother’s bodies.  

The dialectical humanists who have dominated our courts and schools for the last four generations will be forced out of control of those institutions and the result will be an era of conflict and challenge followed by a season of joy, revival of our purpose, and global evangelization.  

Why is conflict to be expected?  Because the result of the first Great Awakening was two wars with Great Brittan.  The result of the second Great Awakening was the War Between the States.  A third awakening will involve some conflict (much of which we have already experienced), but after those victories we should enjoy a season of blessings.  America would be the “City on the Hill” again, a light to the world.  


TOM BENNETT - July 12th, 2021 at 8:57pm

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Jessica renshaw - October 20th, 2021 at 9:36am

Thank you for your comments a year ago about the great awakening ro come! I believe we are seeing it begin. It will have to include deep repentance for the shedding of inncocent life. I authored the book GIANNA: Aborted and Lived to Tell About It, Focus on the Family 1995). Now i have a pro-life novel out in time for the Dobbs abortion case before the Supreme Ciurt Dec. 1. It's called COMPELLING INTERESTS: A novel about abortion from the hearts of people on both sides. I would like to tell you more about this powerful pro-life resource and even send you a free copy if you like. Please feel free to contact me. Looking up! Jessica Renshaw