The Need for a Conservative Baptist Network

At the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, Texas in June of 2018 I discovered why it was time for the birth of the movement we now call the Conservative Baptist Network.  
At that Convention I made the only motion from the floor (out of 19 motions) that passed the parliamentary hurdles to be taken up by the 8,000 messengers.  The motion was to call into question the illegal activities of the Board of Trustees at Southwestern Seminary who had recently terminated their president, Paige Patterson, just before his retirement.  
His crime? He would not dance to the Modernist-Marxist tune that most of the other leaders in the SBC had been playing.  They created issues from thin air that distracted from their real motives, but since that convention they have clumsily shown their cards to us all.  
Because of the theological wanderings from the Bible of most of the SBC institutions and leaders, there arose a fellowship of the brave that would keep hope for the SBC alive by demonstrating that most Baptists are not yet converted to Marxism, since we were already converted to Jesus Christ.
My motion at the convention was defeated because of parliamentary manipulation and because of multiple lies that were allowed to be told from the floor by the then president of the SBC.  The lies were later proven as lies but they swayed a portion of the crowd and my motion fell by about a one-third to two-thirds margin.  By the way, Dr. Patterson was never invited to defend himself from these wolves, another violation of both traditional protocol and of parliamentary law.  It was a lynching by the new left in the SBC.
A year later, some friends and I began to discuss how to create a Fellowship of the Book, a kind of network within the SBC.  Our job would be to encourage Bible believing Baptists to get back to real preaching, real evangelism, real Christian education and real missions.  Such behavior would be honored by the Lord and might just spark a revival in the SBC and then the nation and then the world.
With our first meeting last week we have already “set the woods on fire.”  Thousands are joining in and another preaching meeting is held next month at Truett McConnell University near Atlanta, Georgia.  
Check out the Conservative Baptist Network on FaceBook or on the website:
You can even enjoy the sermons preached at our first meeting that was held recently on the campus of Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary.  Even Todd Starnes featured us on his program recently.  Listen and you will sense the dramatic impact of this network that is already evident.

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