The Worst Pandemic

Looking up statistics on Global Pandemics is a very horrifying and interesting exercise.  Let's take a walk backwards in history:
* HIV Aids has killed over 36 million people and about that number is living with the disease.
*The Hong Kong Flu (H3-N2) of 1968 killed 1 million people.
*The Asian Flu of 1958 killed 2 million people (69,800 in the USA).
*The Flu of 1918 killed approximately 35 million people and it infected 1/3rd of the world.
*The Cholera Pandemic of 1910/11 saw 800,000 deaths.
*The Black Death of 1346-1353 - about 100 million deaths. (spread by fleas on rats)
*The Plague of Justinian (Bubbonic Plague) 541/2 A.D. caused 25 million to die, almost half of Europe.
*Today's Greatest Plague, ABORTION, murders over 42 million babies per year.  More than cancer malaria, Aids, smoking, alcohol, traffic accidents, and Covid-19 combined (many sources, one is  

Today, the number of Covid-19 deaths worldwide is 809,000.  The number of abortions during the time of the Covid-19 virus is more than 30 times that number.  Two-thirds of the deaths in Covid-19 are people over 65 years of age with preexisting health issues.  They are near the end of life.  However, ALL abortions are of people who had a whole life in front of them.  

Thus far, I have just shared facts, historical and medical facts.  My conclusion is simple.  If you believe that God is our Creator and that we are made in His image, then you cannot let yourself contribute to abortion by voting for liberal politicians. This will make you part of the abortion team and the blood of those babies are as much on your hands as on the hands of the abortion doctors.

Life vs. abortion is not just an issue, it is the main issue when it comes to caring about what lives matter.  The answer is: all lives matter, even those still inside their mothers.

There was a time, before scientific discoveries, when some could say that the fetus (Latin word for baby) was not human.  We now know scientifically, however, that is not the case. We now know that on day 5 of a pregnancy, the yet undiscovered baby is completely an individual and in control of the pregnancy.  You see, I have personal experience being a fetus, and if you would call me then, “less than human,” then I will call you: “Hitler.”  for that is what he called the Jews: less than human.
Same oppressor: Satan, different target: Jews then babies now, same crime: destroying mankind.  Playing God with life is not an option!
See Jeremiah 1 and Psalm 139.

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