Our Story

Our Story

In 1941, just months before America entered WWII, Immanuel Baptist Church was formed.  The corner of Fifth and Poplar Streets in Rogers, Arkansas was to be her home for over 65 years.

While in Downtown Rogers the church grew, and with each growth spurt, a new building was constructed.  A key feature of the church was a powerful bus ministry that stretched for over 3 decades.

Missions outreach has been a prominent feature of IBC.  A strong ministry to Haiti, many mission trips, and the sponsoring of a rapid growth church planting movement in South Asia are key features of the global footprint of this fellowship.

Just after the turn of the millennium the church began to plan and prepare for a move from three acres downtown to forty acres near the bypass in Rogers.  The new property was named “The Global Outreach Center.”

The congregation chose to name the property for two reasons.  First, to remind each member that the property and buildings were tools to help them reach the world for Jesus.  Secondly, to remind the community that a church is not a building but a people.  Thus, the people are Immanuel Baptist Church and they worship and do missions from The Global Outreach Center.

Another strong feature of IBC is her strong commitment to the Bible as the perfect Word of God.  Life-changing, Bible-based preaching and teaching are distinctives of this fellowship.  IBC has insisted that the Bible is truth, without any mixture of error, and that the only way to forgiveness, purpose in life, and a home in Heaven is through a surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord.  (Romans 10:9) As well, the Bible is sufficient when addressing all matters of human interaction.

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