The Democratic Party is Systematically Opposed to God (Part 1)

The word “systematic” is being thrown around a lot these days. When used, it is saying that the structure of a certain system is set up for a certain outcome. So when you hear the false premise that the police are systemically racist, the claim is that the entire system for law enforcement was set up with racism woven into it...though the people who advocate for this struggle to point to any actual examples of this within the system‘s structure.
There is a systemic problem that I would like to point you to today and over my next few blog posts. The problem is that the Democratic Party has set up their system to be completely opposed to the God of the Bible and anyone who follows Him. This is not a conspiracy...they are proud of it. They have set up their ‘system,’ or platform, to prove it. Let’s take a moment to see their direct opposition to the God of the Bible.

Protecting Women’s Rights:  The Democrat National Convention (DNC) platform states that “every woman should be able to access high-quality reproduction healthcare services, including safe and legal abortion. We oppose and will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to women’s reproductive health and rights including by repealing the Hyde Amendment and protecting and codifying the right to reproductive freedom.” (The Hyde Amendment prevents federal funds, i.e. taxpayer dollars, from paying for abortions.)

To summarize, the DNC says that any girl of reproductive age can have a tax payer funded abortion no matter how young and at any point in the pregnancy and celebrate it as a good decision.  This is a far decline from their stance in the 90’s that abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

 This is systematically opposed to God’s view of life. The Bible teaches that we are human at conception (Psalm 139:13), that all people are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), and that murder is a very evil sin (Exodus 20:13). The Bible has done more for women’s rights than the DNC will every be able to do, but a woman does not have a right to murder her baby.

Christians should not align themselves with a party that proudly promotes the murder of the most innocent among us, the unborn. Christians should not align themselves with a party that promotes the ability of minors to have abortions (even without informing their parents.) If Christians want to carry the message of Eternal Life through Jesus, they cannot stand with a party that “shouts their abortion,” promoting and celebrating the sacrifice of their own children to the god of Self.

Just as Lot was told to leave Sodom right away and not look back, if you are a Christian and you are in the Democratic Party...”Go!” And don’t look back.

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