Evil Origins of Today’s Anti-American Indoctrinations

To vividly understand a world view we must seek out its origins.  Upon what is the world view constructed?  The Christian world view is based upon the Bible.  So what is the “bible” of the movements that are deconstructing America today?  Where are they trying to take us?  Why do they hate America?
Notice below a post from a pastor friend of mine that helps us to understand the evil source seeking to destroy Christian thinking.  His name is Ronnie Rogers.  
“Robin DiAngelo's best-selling book, White Fragility, is used in schools, corporate, and government sensitivity training to advance so-called Social Justice. White children in schools and white adults in government and businesses are told they are racists and must work at being less white.
In this popular book, DiAngelo never mentions the foundation and source of the Social Justice she is advancing. But, in her scholarly work, Is Everyone Really Equal (which is not for everyone to read), she explicitly traces the basis of what she is teaching to the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, and Marxists like Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer, and even Karl Marx himself.
The Frankfurt School is where neo-Marxists sought to understand why Marxism failed to spread to other countries. They now believe they know why and seek to implement neo-Marxism through Critical Theory in America and elsewhere. Critical Theory is precisely what DiAngelo and other Critical Race Theorists advocate.
It seems obvious why she does not mention the Marxian origin of her ideas in literature for children and employees. Do we really believe parents and companies want their children and employees to be called racists because they are white and because that is how neo-Marxist say we destroy America? I think not.”

Pastor Rogers has many such insights in his new book: A Corruption of Consequence.
I am ordering a case of these and will be offering them below cost out of the church office.  If you are ready to see how Christians and churches in America have been tricked into advancing Marxism and other wicked teachings, then this is a great read for you.  It will help many to leave their compromised churches and seek out a Bible based, New Testament church.
Pastor Rogers serves with me as part of the steering council of the Conservative Baptist Network.  Our goal it to return the Southern Baptist Convention to believing in the inerrancy and total sufficiency of the Bible.  Our beliefs in God and man come from God’s word, not the Marxist tools of Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory.

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