Sunday School

Sundays at 9:00 a.m. our students gather in the youth room for announcements and prayer, and then dismiss into separate groups by grade for an in depth study of the Bible.

Our Student ministries want nothing more than for our students to grow closer to Jesus Christ and we will make every effort to help them nurture their relationship with God. We separate into a 6th-8th grade class and 9th-12th grade class. This allows students smaller groups for optimal discussion time.

We are currently going through Answers In Genesis: Answers Bible Curriculum which takes students through the Bible from Genesis to Revelations in 5 years (2020-2025).

Our entire church is going through the same lessons on Sunday Mornings. We have been enjoying this approach as families can then go home and discuss what they’ve learned, in their separate classes, with one another. This not only allows everyone to study lessons on their level with peers at church, but allows for at home discuss and discipleship with families! A family devotional guide is available for purchase under the globe or by calling the Church Office!