Truth and Training is the Awana® program for kids in 3rd-6th grade.

The Truth & Training (T&T) curriculum teaches kids the truth of God's Word and helps to train them to follow Him and practice His grace. T&T focuses on the basics of the Christian faith and guides kids to a deeper understanding of God’s grace.

Each year of T&T begins with the Start Zone booklet that clearly explains the salvation message and gospel truths.
Then the T&T classes will go through one of the 4 T&T books. Each book of T&T contains lessons about God (Unit 1), the Bible (Unit 2), Jesus (Unit 3), Life Application (Unit 4), and corresponding memory verses.

The 4 books of the T&T curriculum are:

Mission: Discovery of Grace (2021-2022)
Focuses on the attributes of God, why God gave us the Bible, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and God’s grace in our lives.
Guide kids to a deeper understanding of God’s grace.

Mission: Agents of Grace (2022-2023)
Focuses on the attributes of God, the importance of biblical theology, Jesus’ “I Am” statements, and Christian character qualities.

Mission: Grace in Action
Focuses on the core aspects of who God is, what the Bible does, information about Jesus, and an in-depth exploration of grace.
Lesson Titles and Sequence
Mission: Evidence of Grace
Focuses on God’s character, the different sections of the Bible, the redemption narrative, and discipleship basics.

Over the course of each year in T&T students will learn over 29 verses and earn patches as they complete each lesson and memorize the corresponding verse(s) for said lesson.