Pastor Bobby's Testimony

I spent the majority of my life running away from God. As a self-centered individual, I found ways to make all things benefit my desires. My journey with Jesus began the summer of 2007 at the lowest time in my life. after chasing synthetic happiness, it left me empty with nothing to hold onto. Although I was raised in church, I had never made a decision to follow Christ.
I spent many sleepless nights fighting the surrender of my life to Christ, but eventually I made my way through those church doors. For the first three months I tried so hard to be good and quit sinning. As you may already know, I couldn't quite quit sinning. I believed my goodness was the key to salvation, but I couldn't find a way to be that good.
For three months I tried so hard to be good enough that God would let me go to heaven and then it hit me. I was only putting faith in my works, not the work of Christ. At this time, the Holy Spirit really worked me over and I understood for the first time that my sin separated me from God. My good works had no shot at fixing the problem my sin caused.
My salvation prayer was simple. "God I don't know how to be good and I mess a lot of things up, but if you will have me I will never leave you". I was as lost as a person can be. Alcohol, drugs and money ruled my life at one time, and by the grace of God I have been set free.
My salvation was a complete life transformation. I believe God was calling me to get involved in ministry and so I did. Started a church with a handful of people, and God began to grow and bless our lives instantly. Starting a church as a young believer with no seminary training while starting a family was a difficult way to start, but with the help of the Holy Spirit and some key people in my life I am still and will continue to be Gods man.
The end of 2019 God made some big changes in my life. After speaking with the leaders of the church we started, we decided to join up with Pastor Tom and Immanuel Baptist Church. This was one of the most obvious but most difficult decisions I have been a part of. I have decided to pursue seminary and further my education as a leader in the church and look forward to growing with our extended church family.

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